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Black Tie.

The Dinner Suit with a shawl lapelled vest, wingtip collar and bowties.

Another Crispaire Suit.

One of my favourites from The Holland & Sherry Crispaire bunches. Feels at home with Brown shoes of all persuasions. In this case paired with Tobacco Suede captoes. All by DeeR Style.

The Details of a G. Inglese Shirt.

DeeR is pleased to work some very skilled artisans. Here is a closer look at some of the painstaking work that goes into a an G. Inglese shirt. It is definitely a labour of love.

1. The Collar is attached to the body of shirt by hand. 2. The shirring on the top of the armhole is called grinza. The sleeve is inserted into the armhole and attached by needle and thread. 3. The Placket or front of the shirt is folded and stitched to the rest of the shirt. 4. The bottom hem of the shirt is rolled and then stitched by hand. 5. The bottom of the seam of gusset is bartacked. 6. The buttonholes are neatly sewn by hand. 7. The gauntlet is reinforced with a hand stitched bartack.

G. Inglese Camicie. Fatto a Mano…

Handmade stitching of DeeR Suits.

1. Pockets and Side Seams. Button Fly.

2. Trouser Buttonholes

3. Crows Feet Stitched Buttons.

4. Sleeve Buttonholes

5. Turnups at Collar.

6. Lapel Buttonholes.

7. Shoulder Seam, Lapel Edging and Crown.

Suit and Shirts for ZRN. 

The Suit Fabric is Holland & Sherry Crispaire.

Shirt by G inglese . The rest all DEER

Cordone handmade shirts.

1. The Shoulder Seam, handsewn

2. Side Seam & Gusset, Hand Sewn

3. Arm Seam - Handsewn

4. Bar tack on Gauntlet  handsewn

5. Placket handsewn

6. Armhole - Handsewn with Grinza

7. Cuff handsewn with Grinza

8. Collar attached to the body by hand. 

9. Thick Mother of pearl buttons - sewn and shanked by hand.

The Arrival of New Cordone Shirts. Available at DeeR

New Suit for P.E.A.E

Details: Tropical Navy Wool with Brown Horn Buttons. We ditched the belt loops for this one. Keeping it real.